Never Mace a Skunk II

Never Mace a Skunk II, The Legends Continue, co-authored by Charles S. Harris and Butch Holcombe This is a continuum of the short stories in the Never Mace Skunk done solely by Butch Holcombe. It contains 216 pages of humorous happenings to those who dare to go out into the woods and fields looking for artifacts with a metal detector. All of the "Happenings" are true stories that have occurred while in the search -- some good and some not so good for the relic hunters involved. Yes, some of them do truly concern skunks. Some of the stories are illustrated by cartoons created by Glenn Watkins (also a relic hunter and his knowledge of the sport comes through.)

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Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns, 1861-1865

Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns, 1861-1865. This book was originally created in 1987 by myself and prepared by Mike O'Donnell Publications as publisher. It has had 4 separate printings and the intentions are to reprint it after my new, but very different Relic Book hopefully is printed and released in 2010 by Mike O'Donnell Publications. Its 260 pages contain about 1500 photographs of relics dug in the Western Campaigns (Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River). The relics recovered from the different sites actually tell the history. Each relic is identified and a synopsis of the history of each different site that they were recovered from is presented to the reader. As most historians will admit, they know the when's and who's, but usually only approximately where the skirmishes and battles actually took place. The relics presented came from the exact sites or they would not have been found.

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